Races of the Umberworld…

Legends say: when the creator made the universe, they made two habitable planets. One is unknown to us and the other was a planet of pure Umber. We were formed from the Umber and so is every creature who nests on our world today. We are in the Umberworld.” – unknown

The Umberworld is located in the Ca’Brythian galaxy and the year is 4279, the Decade of Dragons.

The Umberworld is filled with fantastical Races, but these are the 5 main:

  • Elves- humanoid creatures, the most beautiful in all the Umberworld. Their senses and stealth excel from almost all other humanoids. They are decided into 5 groups: Solar Elves 🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏼‍♂️🧝🏼, Lunar Elves 🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♂️🧝🏻, Forest Elves 🧝🏾‍♀️🧝🏽🧝🏽‍♂️, Myrelle (also known as merfolk), and Nyxphinea.
  • Halfmen (or Halflings)- these short creatures usually live in sturdy little villages in the safest and most unknown part of the Umberworld. They always work as a team and live a very comfy life. The lazy ones spend most of their time baking, singing, dancing, writing, and painting, so are master bards and chefs. Others work hard in the fields and tend to animals (mostly chicken and cows who give them eggs and milk). They are also pranksters and play tricks on visitors from other places.
  • Dwarves- located mostly on the top of hills and mountains. They dig mines right next to their villages, and all the buildings are windmills. They are the only race who know how to light a lightbulb but don’t notice the importance of their creation). Dwarves are known for their windmill villages, expertly built, heavy weapons, and mining skills.
  • Gnomes- these wise creatures often burrow into the ground around forests and make houses under the roots much like rabbits. They often live with rabbits even and have pet rabbits. Gnomes can travel through arches (dimensions), but are underestimated by their fellow races. Gnomes have a good relationship with Pixies and Fayries too.
  • Humans- last but not least, humans. These are the most dominant humanoids the the Umberworld because of their thirst for land and power. Humans are the most civilized creatures of them all.

A few of these you may not have recognized, but I will write more about these races, and other things in the Umberworld, weekly.

There sub-races also, most of them are Races who turned away from good and were filled with soo much hate and anger that they mutated. All of the sub-races are commonly found in the Underlands (which I will talk about later). These include:

  • Reailden (Dark Elves)- these are Elves who turned away from all good and changed themselves for the worse through hate and anguish. Their skin is violet or obsidian blue and their hair is often light, dull yellow or stark white.
  • Gtanri (Grey Dwarves)- Gtanri mostly live in Mt. Zyvva (the center of the Underlands). The only exceptions is when they head off to trade with other sub-races or raid and haunt Dwarven mines. They have a dark humor, though do have an inner soft spot for innocent youngsters.
  • Arvyrsko (Deep Gnomes)- these are one of the lesser evil creatures. Only about half of these turn out evil so the good ones started their own colony right above the Underlands. The “better” ones are weaker, though, and often picked off by monsters and lurking creatures.

Thank you for reading about my work-in-progress world. I have a few books already planned which I will tell you about later 😉. Please don’t take any of my ideas, and if you do, ask before and I will gladly compromise with you in comments.

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  1. That’s soooooo good … River am glad you visited my blog n advised me to come here … coz if i wouldn’t I would have known one of the best blogs on WordPress ( a blog where a sweet girl writes great poems )


    1. Thank you! 💕💕 I love Tolkien’s books and hope mine will be successful. I’ll give you all a sneak peak though: my three main characters are:
      1. Niccola Lidrade
      2. Chastity Kyrabelle
      3. Dillitrio Starburn


  2. Hello this is Anushka!! I loved ur blog…❤️💕💕😀 You have soo much imagination that one day you might even touch stars ⭐️ Keep up the gud work and very nice to meet you..

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