A Lullaby: Humble Roses

A treeless patch in the forest

Is a garden of bright blooms

The flowers draw the poorest

While evil seek their enemies’ doom

Only those with pennies to spare

Can find a secret garden

Where beauty pours out

And feyries all shout

“Here your lives won’t harden,

Your troubles will be pardoned”

A bit about the Lullaby:

This song was commonly sung by the oppressed citizens in Blackbend city. The mysterious tyrants of Blackbend steal the newborn children and raise them as slaves, and return them to their families when they are adults. Only some children return, and if they do, they are badly beaten. All the citizens in Blackbend are kept in by the Tyrants, Ebonee and Fhän, who place guards all around the small city all day and night. It is said that the monarchs recently had a daughter, Raedyn Blackbend.

Published by Riverlark

Hi! I am the proud owner of a chinchilla, Smoky Mayvern, two tortoises, George and Martha, and one orchid, Betty I am a “to be” author an currently in the process of writing my first novel! ;) Enjoy my blogs: umberworldauthor.wordpress.com chinchillawinks.com

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