Book in Process!

Hello, y’all! Sorry I haven’t posted much or shared my fantasy book like I promised to… but that’s because I was busy with……


I always have been a fan of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Voltron, and now Skyward, adn I recently had a great Sci Fi book idea.

It is about a cyborg girl and I won’t spoil any more for now!

I promise promise promise this Friday I will post chapter one!


Mwuahaha outer space

And all the books I write are PROFANITY FREE!!!! Yayyyyyyy

And I’m in a weird mood today ✌️😜

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Hi! I am the proud owner of a chinchilla, Smoky Mayvern, two tortoises, George and Martha, and one orchid, Betty I am a “to be” author an currently in the process of writing my first novel! ;) Enjoy my blogs:

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