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Beware of the Water’s Call- a poem

The River, the Brook,

Like a siren it hums,

Calling for creatures,

To drink and have fun,

Little did the lake feature

An alligator on the hunt

For a snack,

Perhaps a child

Will come across his path.

Lesson: Beware of the Siren’s Song

It’s danger, it’s wrong

About the Poem;

In a small village near the coast, known as Lysechte, the fishermen often brought their children to play by the shore. Lysechte was a very tropical, magical area where Sirens and shapeshifters roamed. Often they would sing, attracting wandering children’s attention.

This poem was a warning to children, written by their parents, telling the children to beware, not to let down their guard, and stick close to parents.


Published by Riverlark

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