Twenty Followers, WAHOO! 🥳

Twenty followers, twenty friends, This is wonderful, the best! Now sleep well, have some rest, 😴 Whatever will your dreams be? I can only guess! I want to say “thank you” For your wonderful support, I do appreciate you more, Than you will ever know. I’d rather have you twenty, Than a million or more,Continue reading “Twenty Followers, WAHOO! 🥳”

A lullaby of hope: Dear Anemone Bloom

Dear Anemone Bloom, Where are you? In a patch of thrush, wild willows, Dear Anemone Bloom, Will I ever find you? When the willows cloak your dainty bloom, Dear Anemone Bloom, Is that a petal of blue? Like the soft, sweet color of the daylight sky, Dear Anemone Bloom, Have I finally found you? BrightContinue reading “A lullaby of hope: Dear Anemone Bloom”

Four little berry pickers

Four little children, Travel through the woods, Searching for berries, The ones that taste good, The youngest finds a cherry bush, But doesn’t tell the others, She eats all them up, Before she spots her brother, Four little children, Walking through the woods, Searching for berries, The ones that taste good, The smallest brother, YearContinue reading “Four little berry pickers”

A Lullaby: Humble Roses

A treeless patch in the forest Is a garden of bright blooms The flowers draw the poorest While evil seek their enemies’ doom Only those with pennies to spare Can find a secret garden Where beauty pours out And feyries all shout “Here your lives won’t harden, Your troubles will be pardoned” A bit aboutContinue reading “A Lullaby: Humble Roses”

A poem: Born Enslaved

One hundred young Born to be slaves Yet certainly not All of their days Captured unaware Certainly unfair Yet, revenge is near So beware, all who now hear Overthrow the captor Gain freedom right away Beware of your “children”, old hag, You for sure shall not stay

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