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Sunshine- a Poem

Feel that heat? The warmth? The sun? That’s where our light’s coming from! Creatures crawling, Spiders bawling, We cannot live without the sun. That definitely won’t be fun. Because when the sun sets Darkness comes.

Beware of the Water’s Call- a poem

The River, the Brook, Like a siren it hums, Calling for creatures, To drink and have fun, Little did the lake feature An alligator on the hunt For a snack, Perhaps a child Will come across his path. Lesson: Beware of the Siren’s Song It’s danger, it’s wrong About the Poem; In a small villageContinue reading “Beware of the Water’s Call- a poem”



A howl echoes through the night, The next morning, the father was gone, The story the mother told her children was wrong, After years if famine, he was not strong, Not enough to return home, On the night where the zombies roam

I am the Villain: a poem

I am the villain, My only passion is chilling, Whoever fights me will die, I won’t even cry, The heroes will fall, I’ll rule them all, Why, cause I am the Villain 🦹‍♀️🦹🦹‍♂️ A bit about the poem: This is my “lighter” version of my poem, after watching Lord of the Rings, I was kindContinue reading “I am the Villain: a poem”